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I went to Electric Heritage for my second tattoo - and a few after that - and the service was amazing. Daniel, my tattooer and store owner, took phenomenal care of me, while listening to everything I wanted and gave me exactly what I wanted. Every time I go back, Daniel is so hospitable and kind. On another note, he cares about cleanliness and takes care of his business. He wiped down the chair before we did the tattoo, and he also cleaned my skin before tattooing. He also used all new and clean needles and razors. I would highly recommend coming to this tattoo shop. I’ve been to another tattoo shop and I did not have a great experience like the experience I had at this shop!

Sarah Corrado


I recently got a tattoo here from the lovely Makayla! The shop was so clean and I felt so welcome! She did such an amazing job on my tattoo and was so fun to be tattooed by! So happy I decided to go to electric heritage and see this team! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

Janae Montoya


Sabrina did an amazing job! Already planning on my next 2 tatts! She is SOOO talented and really makes you feel so comfortable.

Electric Heritage has been preserving American-Traditional  tattooing since 2014, keeping practices and style true to traditional methods while leading the way in professionalism and quality in the Pasco County area. We source our tools and equipment from local companies and make an effort to benefit our community. 

Now open at our new location in Land O' Lakes Florida, we are serving a new area and clientele. Thank you all for being a part of the Electric Heritage family!

Proven, and here to stay.

Products and equipment we stand by:

South State MFG.

South State Manufacturing was founded in 2015. 

"This is part of why I took on this endeavor after seeing non-tattoo related capitalists stripping our community of it's values. We strive to produce and carry only the highest quality products available. By ourselves and other like minded individuals we keep our business involved in our community. ...This is a lifestyle like no other."                        -Toby Reece


Solid Ink ™ was founded and based in Florida.

"...Choosing the right colors is one of the most important choices someone can make when executing a tattoo, to guarantee that you can obtain the right saturation, brightness, and solidity. I got obsessed with that. I realized that creating my color system, knowing exactly what I put in it, was going to lead me to create the best ink possible. SOLID INK."                                    -Federico Ferroni